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N901WM's 1st Journey 

Day 3 -  Asheville, NC (AVL) to Dallas, TX (DAL)

I woke up to a beautiful, but windy day in Asheville, North Carolina. With 730 miles to go until Dallas and what would equate to about 5 and a half hours of flight time and three fuel stops. I was eager to get started. I picked Chattanooga, Tennessee as my first fuel stop, which would take me directly west through the Great Smoky Mountains.

N901WM Agusta A109SP helicopter parked in Asheville NC with engine covers installed
I-40 Westbound headed through Canton Gap near Asheville NC in A109 Helicopter

The previous day's scattered storms that prevented me from crossing west over the Blue Ridge Mountains left a light dusting of snow along the peaks, which made for a beautiful yet bumpy flight to Chattanooga. Like yesterday, I flew along the roads, through the valleys and gaps, seeking the smoothest ride.

Click on the orange circles to view photos from the flight
Click on the orange circles to view photos from the flight

In Chattanooga I pulled up next to a Blackhawk helicopter and got fuel. My next leg would take me to Oxford, Mississippi and into much flatter terrain and calmer winds. This is where I started to make up time at a faster cruising speed, covering ground much more quickly than before.

A109SP LifeFlight of Maine helicopter parked next to a Blackhawk on the ramp in Chattanooga TN
Central and Eastern Maine Healthcare helicopter N901WM
LifeFlight of Maine third helicopter N901WM Whiskey Mike in Oxford MS
N901WM A109 helicopter parked in Oxford MS along a row of corporate jets

Parked on the busy ramp in Oxford Mississippi, one helicopter in a line of corporate jets.


After topping off once again, the next stop was Texarkana, just shy of 2 hours away. 

moving map display in Agusta helicopter
Swamp in Mississippi viewed from helicopter on ferry flight
After seeing a town on the moving map called Alligator, I wondered what was lurking in the swamps below...
Unfortunately, I was much too high and fast to catch sight of any gators.
N901WM LifeFlight of Maine new helicopter operated by SevenBar Aviation parked in Texarkana
At Texarkana the end was in sight! A short 55 minute hop to Dallas and Whiskey Mike would be at SevenBar Aviation headquarters where she would wait for a conformity inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 
The scenery in Texas is much less interesting than on the East Coast, especially compared to the beauty of somewhere like Maine. However, it was peaceful to watch the tractors plow the fields, and before I knew it, the Dallas skyline appeared on the horizon.
Kenny Mize director of Rotorwing Maintenance assembling the tow bar at the SevenBar hangar
Signature Aviation at Love Field pushing N901WM into the SevenBar Aviation Hangar

On arrival to the SevenBar Hangar at Dallas Love Field, I was greeted by Kenny Mize, SevenBar's Director of Rotorwing Maintenance, where he helped to assemble the tow bar and guide the helicopter into the hangar. Whiskey Mike will be in Dallas for a few weeks undergoing a conformity inspection by the FAA and further preparations for her new role as LifeFlight of Maine's third helicopter!

Kenny Mize giving the thumbs up in the 7Bar hangar where N901WM is safely parked
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