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Helicopter technitions from Italy stand in front of the AW169 helicopter that they assembled for the HAI show in Dallas TX 2017
Airbus Helicopter H145 for the Las Vegas Police at the HAI 2017 helicopter expo in Dallas TX
Front view of the AirBus police helicopter H145 at heli expo in Dallas TX 2017
View into cockpit of Bell Helicopter's futuristic concept machine enhanced by augmented reality
Bell Helicopter brought a concept machine to the 2017 Heli Expo in Dallas TX
Pratt and Whitney displays thier famous PT-6 engine

 Helicopter Arrivals

Day 2 brought clouds and colder weather....and LOTS of BLACK HAWK HELICOPTERS

Visit the Blog to see the initial Black Hawk lineup...

Sikorsky S-92 helicopter for the Korean Coast Gaurd lands for heli expo in Dallas TX

....The helipad at the convention center loading docks makes for a pretty tight landing zone.  Yet these pilots made landing here look easy with their controlled and precise approaches into the LZ.....

The time lapse below was taken over the course of an hour condensed into a 48 second video. 

Highlights of Day 1 arrivals were the Chinook and the Mi24 Hind

Mi24 Hind, Russian attack helicopter on arrival at Heli Expo 2017 Dallas TX
Mi24 Hind, Russian attack helicopter belonging to the Cold War Museum at Lancaster Airport on arrival at Heli Expo 2017 Dallas TX
Columbia Helicopters Chinook N472CH